Teddy Bears (and other Favorite Toys) - Protecting Children from Monsters Under the Bed

'The Monster Under the Bed' is a well known entity, but this post pays tribute to that vile creatures arch nemesis...

The Bodyguard
For when lights go out and all that lies between you and the horrors of the night is a blanket, it's important to have a staunch ally against the dangers of the dark. And a champion who will fight both tooth and nail, to ensure that you wake the following morning, unscathed and unharmed.
Whether fighting alone, or as General of your nocturnal army, your bodyguard is skilled in deadly arts and battle strategies. A veteran of many long wars your night time protector wakes the minute your own eyes close, and with ears alert checks defenses, watching over you whilst you sleep.
Teddy Bears, Favorite Toys, and Things that go Bump in the Night
The monster under the bed and other oddities of the night are wily nasties all, and no easy enemy for your favorite toy to best. Teddy bears make great night-time bodyguards, as can dolls and action figures if they are of virtuous nature, and brave of heart.
Your bodyguard will no doubt be your most trusted, and loyal, of toys. Not made up of the latest fads or fashions, this will be a toy both hard-working and hard-wearing, a testament to the toy-making skills of your childhood age, a friend when you had none, and your savior against the black of night (and all contained within it).
Army of Toys

Your favorite toy will never bow down, will never retreat, and will fight to the last before allowing beasties to ever come close, but even so, the creatures of the night are fearsome enemies, and occasionally your bodyguard will deem it wise to call upon the troops. A rag-tag unit of mis-matched and misshapen: souverneirs, 'I want's' and gifts.
Amongst their ranks they claim action figures, toy soldiers, and plastic dolls, unorganized to the untrained eye, but calculated in their defense. With light-saber accessories, driving pink Cadillacs, your own personal army of toys stand firm behind your champion.
Against the things that go bump in the night.


  1. 'For when lights go out and all that lies between you and the horrors of the night is a blanket, it's important to have a staunch ally against the dangers of the dark...'

    I read this... thought of my daughter sleeping snug with her little Peter rabbit...and just smiled at your words..... :)

  2. my kids all have teddies of some sort. I was not allowed...the monsters were my own fault..I had a nocturnal army, of sorts, but its a long story...funny how the dark can be so comforting and yet, so scary...

  3. I loved this post. I'll admit - I still keep some of my most trusted bodyguards around.

  4. Yes, you were right, I do love this one. I never had a teddy, but my brother cried at night, trying to open his "sleeping teddy" bears eye. He was so upset that his teddy couldn't wake up. I think that's why I never got one, family scarred by my elder brother's terror of comatose toys.

  5. I prefer monsters to teddy bears and toys, but I was always a bit off :)

  6. I used to have a green stuffed elephant. I wasn't really much for toys, though.