Vampire Tarot – Best Vampire Tarot Cards

Those of you who like your Tarot a little on the dark side need look no further as we explore the best of the best, in vampire tarot cards.
Fantasy tarot cards with a vampiric twist this selection of vampire tarot cards are adorned with often dark gothic imagery, that vampire fans will adore.  Each card features unique artwork inspired by the old legends, vampires stalking sleeping maidens, painted harlequins licking blood from razors, and all manner of such imagery, making vampire tarot cards not for the faint of heart.
Not for the traditionalist but great fun to use vampire tarot cards can be incredibly accurate, drawing on the powerful life-force of the undead creatures whose images are illustrated upon these tarot. 
Perfect for both beginners and those more skilled in the arts vampire tarot cards offer an alternative, quirky, set that are both easy to use and attractive to the eye. 
Complete with guides and divination techniques these beautifully made vampire tarot cards whilst on the dark side also contain more than a hint of sensuality and romanticism, because whilst to some vampires may be no more than blood-hungry monsters, in the eyes of others vampires are revered as damned protagonists, caught in a world that seems alien to them, labelled as vicious animalistic killers.
78 cards each taking you a step further into the dark-side, vampire tarot cards make the perfect divinatory tool for die-hard vampire fans and those just looking for something a little different alike. Major arcana, minor arcana, the fool, filled with the unbridled strength and unquenchable lust for life, providing accurate readings with each card offering up its secrets, some say that the use of vampire tarot cards could reveal, a more human you.

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