Verichip. Government Tracking, Aliens, and Tin Foil Hats

'They're coming to get you...'
Whether it be Aliens probing your mind from beyond the stars or your Government tracking you via chip implant they know where you are at any given time. And should they desire to, they can locate you and drag you away kicking and screaming into the night at any given moment.
Perhaps Alien entities have taken an interest in your otherwise seemingly insignificant life, and close encounters of the fourth kind have become a problem with Aliens abducting you with growing frequency. Or perhaps the 'One World Government' has embedded a radio wave emitting chip within your flesh, and follows your every move closely, as part of its plan to reduce you to a human drone and control you like a puppet on a string.
The Verichip

Whether the 'Verichip' is 'The Mark of the Beast' long awaited by religious groups as the sign of a coming apocalypse or whether it's symbolic of the end of mankind's freedom the Verichip is now upon us. And technology can not be uninvented.
The Verichip is a human-implantable radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip that can be used to store information within the body, most likely about the person implanted. And whilst designed primarily for medical purposes to reduce the time needed to access medical records in an emergency use of the Verichip has raised serious concerns from privacy advocates who have denounced Verichips as 'Spychips'.
The Mark of the Beast
In addition to concerns over personal liberty and government tracking some believe the Verichip to mark the coming of the apocalypse based upon Revelation 13:16-18:
'He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark...'

Verichip Television Commercial

Is Verichip the Mark of the Beast?

Tin Foil Hats and Government Tracking
Assuming that the Government were using a device similar to the Verichip or the Verichip itself to track your whereabouts then it could be wise to borrow from the simple and long-mocked device often utilized by those 'paranoid' individuals who believe themselves to be the subjects of Alien abduction, etc. the 'Tin Foil Hat'.  Or aluminum foil in general.
If you've ever wondered why these interesting individuals choose to envelope their crowns with hats made of aluminum foil then the answer is this:

Radio waves can be blocked (reflected) or attenuated (partially reflected or absorbed) by anything that conducts electricity. And a thin sheet of aluminum can completely block (reflect) radio waves. Aluminum foil is such a good conductor that radio waves simply cannot penetrate it.


  1. good idea, yet they do use infra red that can see people even with that type of shield. Yet it might help some other energetic links.

    It really is a question of freedom v inappropriate use of control or power. The question is where is the line or place we make to allow for freedom - the safety margin.

  2. Why use foil? well...have you ever put it into a microwave? My husband is convinced that flouride is used in government mind control. That's why its put in all the drinking water and pushed upon schooll kids who drink form private wells. Im guessing thats what too much acid does to somebody, but my kids dont use flouride, just in case...

  3. Lots of great stuff. I have a wide array of tin foil hats myself--never leave home without one!

    Chipping is an issue ethically, morally, and biologically. I'd never, for instance, even think about chipping a beloved dog, cat, or Chocobo because cancerous tumors love to show up around the chips the vets put in.