Zombie Doll Owners Guide - They Want to Eat Your Brains!!!

Meet the ‘Zombie Dolls’ un-dead dolls with a penchant for munching on brains. Like their human counterparts the Zombie doll is a terrifyingly ghoulish creature, almost unstoppable in its senseless and primal quest to seek out and infect or consume the flesh of humans (or other dolls).

The human owner of a Zombie dolls needs to utmost care when handling and dealing with their Zombie doll and treat it with the respect it commands. One false move and it’s all over for you.
Things the Zombie doll owner needs to know:
(1) Zombie dolls eat humans (and other dolls).
(2) Zombie dolls usually group together to form a Zombie doll horde.
(3) The average Zombie doll tends to be slow moving so can be easily outrun.
(4) Zombie dolls hate fire.
(5) Being bitten by a Zombie doll will either lead to death or infection.
(6) Once bitten by a Zombie doll the transformation into a zombie can take as little as a few minutes.
(7) The only sure way to kill a Zombie doll is by a bullet or sharp blow to the head (destroy the Zombie dolls brain).
These are the things that every careful Zombie doll owner needs to know, should your Zombie doll get out of hand always remember one the most important thing.
“Kill the brain, Kill the doll!”

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