Why are Demon Afraid of Iron? - Answers

While the answers to such questions are often not clear, from England, to the Philippines, it is a commonly held belief (by People who believe in such things) that Demon are in some way afraid of Iron, or at the very least, that Iron can be used to keep Demon at bay.

But why?

While there are no known references that can be taken as fact, there are a number of theories as to why the belief that Demon are afraid of iron arose. Two of which, you can read about below.

The Weapons of Religious Crusaders

One possible explanation for why Demon are said to be ‘scared’ of iron, is due to the weapons of ‘Religious Crusaders’. Back in the day, Demon, and other entities of an otherworldy nature, were worshipped by Pagans, and the like, as Gods. However, during religious wars, such as the ‘Crusades’, champions of Christianity, frequently slayed such people due to their ‘unholy beliefs’. And the Crusaders, as the Knights of a more advanced society than that of the Pagans, came with weapons, and armour made of iron. Which made them a formidable enemy for the Pagans. with their less refined weaponry. So that as the worshipers of these ‘Demonic’ Gods were slain. This in turn, some believe, led to the legend that Demon are afraid of iron.
The Crucifixion Nails

One other theory that could be said to explain the belief that Demon are afraid of iron, relates to the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus. ‘Wrought iron nails’ are believed to have been used to nail Jesus to the cross. And having penetrated into the body of Christ, iron is said to be forever-onwards imbued with the blood of the ‘Lord’. Infusing within it, special properties associated with ‘the Light of God’. Making this another possible explanation accounting for the belief that Demon are afraid of, or are kept at bay by, iron.

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Freddy Krueger is arguably the most terrifying movie monster/villain of all time, and the dirty brown fedora hat perched atop his head makes up an essential part of the terrifying visage that is Hollywood's favorite dream Demon and psychotic child killing maniac. And having Starred in eleven movies (and counting), Freddy Krueger, has earned his rightful place amongst the likes of ‘Jason Voorhees’ and ‘Leatherface’, as a legend, and horror cinema classic.
Freddy Kruegers Hat

Matched with red and green striped sweater Freddy Kruegers hat is a dirty brown ‘Fedora’, a type of men's felt hat that can be creased along the crown in various ways to create differing looks.  Popular in the 1950’s fedora hats are similar to ‘Trilby's’ and were first introduced in 1919 as a men's fashion accessory, and they quickly became a staple part of the uniform of spies and detectives from classic 40’s/50’s thrillers.
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The Son of 100 Maniacs

But far removed from the glamour and glitz of the mid 50’s Freddy Krueger stalks the dreams of the children of Elm Street, enacting a terrible revenge against the original parents of the town, who burnt him alive. Son of ‘Amanda Krueger’ a nun who was accidentally locked inside a mental asylum over the holidays, and who was raped by a hundred maniacs, Freddy krueger, torments his prey like a cat with a mouse, before slaying the troubled teenies of Elm Street in brutal fashion, while delivering eerily cheesy catchphrases, such as: How Sweet Fresh Meat!!!”
Freddy Krueger has appeared in a total of eleven movies (and counting): A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), A Nightmare on Elm Street (Part 2) Freddy’s Revenge (1985), A Nigtmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987), A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988), A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child (1989), Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991), Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993), New Nightmare (1994), Freddy V’s Jason (2003), Freddy V’s Ghostbusters (2004), A Nightmare on Elm Street (Remake) (2010).
"One, two, Freddy's coming for you, three, four, better lock your door, five, six, grab your crucifix, seven, eight, gonna stay up late, nine, ten, never sleep again..."


Skyfish / Flying Rods - Examined

‘Skyfish’ (also known as ‘Flying Rods’), are an unusual phenomena, that despite there being a vast amount of photographic, and video evidence of their existence, there is no (as yet) concrete explanation as to exactly what it is, that they are.

‘Rod-like’ in structure, with pronounced wing/fin like appendages, Skyfish, have been captured on film the world over. Yet despite having been filmed often in large numbers, not one has ever been captured for examination. And are difficult, if not impossible, to see with the naked eye.

Are Skyfish alive?

Without examination, it is impossible to say for sure. But due to the way that they seem to move with animal-like instinct, and due to the strangely-fish like appendages that seem to propel them through both water, and air. Many believe that Skyfish are an as yet unknown living creature (of some kind). Yet, with Skyfish believed to grow up to 100 feet in length, it is difficult to imagine that the remains of a deceased Skyfish has never been found.

What are Skyfish?

Some say that they're creatures from the depths of the ocean.  Others, that they inhabit the clouds. Renowned 'contactee', and UFOloigst, 'Alex Collier', is known to have spoken of 'Rods', claiming that his 'contacts' (the andromedansinformed him that they are alien craft, travelling through parallel dimensions, completely unaware of our existence, as they seemingly share space with us.  While others still, suggest, that on a quantum level, these could be organisms whose particles vibrate, 'on a different level' to our own.  While those who don't believe in such things, claim that Skyfish are merely 'normal' insects, flying faster than camera shutters are able to keep up with, resulting in blurred images, that account for the seemingly long, and unusual trailing bodies; that Skyfish seem to possess.

What do you think?

Are Skyfish interplanetary beings, or spacecraft travelling in the fourth or fifth dimension, or merely just bugs flying too fast for camera shutters to interpret correctly?

Share your thoughts below.

Ouija Board Rules – How to Play the Ouija Board

The Ouija board rule - 'Do not play with the Ouija board!'
But the fact that you’re here tells me that there’s a pretty good chance that you intend to break that rule. So I’ll continue.
Ouija Board Rules:
Ouija board rule number one – Never play alone.
I can find no conclusive explanation as to why this is so, but rule number one, ‘never play with a Ouija board alone’ is considered to be the most important rule to obey whilst playing with the Ouija board. Perhaps it has something to do with strength in numbers, or the possibility of being driven crazy and having nobody with whom you shared the experience to lean on, somebody who will believe you.
Ouija board rule number two - Don’t let the demon escape
It is said that should you allow the planchette or pointer to count down through the numbers then the spirit or demon can escape, and some also believe the same to be true should you allow the spirit to go through the alphabet. Having a nice little chit chat on the Ouija is one thing but very few people wish to have Pazuzu, bringer of pestilence and keeper of the four winds running around causing mayhem uninvited, hence Ouija board rule number two ‘don’t let the demons escape’ or ‘don’t allow the planchette to count down through the numbers (or through the alphabet).
Ouija board rule number three – Place a silver coin on the Ouija board
Silver has often been thought to contain qualities that make it effective as a weapon against evil spirits. Chinese people believe that placing a silver locket around their child’s neck will ward off evil spirits and the Incas believed silver to be the tears of the moon. It is believed that silvers reflective properties are the reason silver is attributed with these powers; silver catches the light, and repels the darkness.
Ouija board rule number four – Never ask about God
This is said to be a big no-no, should the spirit be of the evil variety (and many believe that all entities associated with a Ouija board are of the evil variety) then it will become incredibly angry. The Demon or evil being is said to be aware that it has no power over God, and is not happy about it, it is said that the mere mention of God or Jesus (and other higher beings and deities) will result in glasses smashing, things shaking and flying around, and other weird crazy shit (and not in a good way). So unless that’s the kind of trip you’re looking for, remember, Ouija board rule number four ‘Never ask about God’.
Ouija board rule number five – Say Goodbye
In terms of importance many Ouija board users would place this rule above the ‘do not play alone’ rule. It is said that properly closing the Ouija board after use is extremely important, this is done by first thanking the spirits for coming forwards to speak with you, you should then wish the spirits peace and then say ‘goodbye’. In theory once you have said goodbye to the spirit the planchette should now move (guided by the spirit) down to the ‘goodbye’ written at the bottom of the Ouija board.
Failing to close the Ouija board properly after each session leaves the spirits or demons present and able to influence your life negatively. Should the spirits or demons not say ‘goodbye’ by moving the planchette after you have wished them farewell, then you should repeat ‘goodbye’ and ‘leave’ in a loud stern voice, and then pass the planchette through the flame of a candle.
Do you know any more Ouija board rules or do you have any ‘how to’ Ouija tips or advice?
Share them below:

Abalam - The Demon from the 'The Last Exorcism' Movie

Cotton Marcus, supposedly reading from the book, ‘Hortus Deliciarum’, tells the father of the possessed girl in the movie, ‘The Last Exorcism’, that his daughter is possessed by the Demon, ‘Abalam’. Explaining that Abalam is ‘very powerful, perhaps the most powerful Demon in the entire book. What he does is like a snake, he wraps himself in a coil, around the soul of the person. The thing about Abalam, is that he preys on the flesh of the innocent. He defiles the flesh of the innocent. That is what he does, defiles. And he’s particularly bad when he’s in young girls’. Before continuing to explain that ‘the possessed’s only salvation, will come in death’ (unless she is exorcised).

But who is Abalam?

Unfortunately, there is very little information regarding the Demon Abalam to be found online. Abalam is a Demon of the Christian religion, but was was not very prominent within biblical scripture.

Associated with the Demon, ‘Paimon’. One of the Kings of Hell, and a teacher of ‘secret things’. Online sources suggests that “If Paimon is evoked with sacrifice, or libation, he may appear, sometimes accompanied by two great princes of the underworld ‘Bebal’, and Abalam.

Another source states that “Abalam is described as being pale with dark eyes & that he encourages lust and rage”.

Unfortunately though, after hours of searching, I can find no more information than these flimsy factoids. Which is perhaps why the writers of The Last Exorcism chose Abalam in the first place. Allowing them free reign to make of the Demon what they would, without the need to conform to any strong pre-existing persona.

Buy Pinhead Mask for Sale Online - Hellraiser

Arguably the most terrifying movie monster/villain ever, ‘Pinhead’, the sadistic and perverse leader of the ‘Cenobites’, has earned his place amongst the likes of ‘Freddy Krueger’, ‘Jason Voorhees’, and ‘Leatherface’, as a legend of classic horror cinema.
Pinhead and the Cenobites are humanoid creatures from an ‘extra-dimension’ who travel to Earth in search of human souls upon which to feast. And in contrast to many of the movie monsters of its time the Cenobites are intelligent and articulate predators, bringing both pleasure and pain to all those who open the ‘Lament Configuration’.
Originally named ‘Priest’, and still officially named only as ‘Lead Cenobite’ within the Hellraiser movie scripts, the name ‘Pinhead’ was coined by the make-up crew working on the original movie. and despite Clive Barkers protests (he considered the name undignified), the name Pinhead gained momentum, and stuck.
Throughout the Hellraiser series Pinhead underwent many character changes. In the first he was depicted simply as part of a group of Cenobites, seeking out pleasure and pain, in the third Pinhead solely was depicted as a chaotic Demon, in the fourth he became a Megalomaniac bent on world domination, and in the fifth he acted as ‘Judge, Jury, and Executioner’, pitting his victims against their sins.
The Hellraiser series is based around a puzzle box known as ‘The Lament Configuration’, a mysterious mechanical device that acts as a key to the Dimension in which the Cenobites dwell, and upon completion of the puzzle the box acts as bridge between realms, allowing the Cenobites access to our world.
Clive Barker drew inspiration for the Cenobites look from the worlds of punk fashion, Catholicism, and S & M clubs, with Pinheads character specifically drawing inspiration from ‘African Fetish Sculptures’.

Buy Sage Smudge Sticks for Sale Online

While some may burn them simply for their pleasant scent as an alternative to incense sticks, sage smudge sticks are most commonly used as part of a ‘cleansing ritual’. Often promoted as having spiritual properties that act as deterrent or cleanser of negative energies, the herb sage and sage smudge sticks specifically are often burnt in an effort to ward of evil spirits or forces, in the practise known as ‘smudging.’
Smudging is the practise of releasing a herbs ‘magickal’ energies through fire, to create a purifying or stimulating (depending upon the herb) smoke bath. Originally used by the native Indians of America for banishing evil spirits, smudging and sage cleansing rituals are now used worldwide and are commonly advocated as an effective means of banishing unwanted spirits and other negative energies.
Sage smudge sticks themselves are simply bundles or boughs of sage bound together to create something akin to an incense stick, and once lit the purifying smoke should be trailed throughout the contaminated area, allowing it access to all nooks and crannies, in a bid to force the evil spirits (who are said to detest sage) to move on.

Sage cleansing rituals are also said to be effective at cleansing individual items or people, this can be performed in the same manner as above, but by cleansing the item/person in the purifying smoke, or in the case of items by storing them with boughs of sage.
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Hortus Deliciarum - The Book of Demon from The Last Exorcism

Reaching into his safe, Cotton Marcus’s father pulls out an antiquated-looking book, and explains that it is the “Hortus Deliciarum’, and that there are ‘about twenty in the whole world’. Stating that ’this book describes the various kinds of Demons. It helps you identify them. And then recommends the process, for getting rid of that Demon’.

But what is the Hortus Deliciarum? And does it really exist?

According to Wikipedia, the Hortus Deliciarum (also known as ‘The Garden of Delights’), is a medieval manuscript compiled by Herrad of Landsberg at the Hohenburg Abbey in Alsace. That was a compenium of 12th Century knowledge, and included theosophical, philosophical, and literary themes. And was most noted for its illustrations, of which there were 336, inlcuding an illustration of Hell (see picture). However, the article makes no mention of its uses with regards to Exorcism of Demon.

The Hortus Deliciarum does however, within many of its illustrations conceptualize the idea of Satan, as ‘sin’, and as ‘temptation’. Showing how such temptations as money, power, and precious garments, could lead the monks (for whom it was intended as a educational text) away from the ‘crown of life’.

However, unfortunately, other than this, it appears as if the portrayal of the Hortus Deliciarum, within the movie The Last Exorcism, as an instructional guide for the Exorcism of Demon, was artistic license. And that while the book does indeed exist. It is not the book of Demon as suggested within the movie.

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Arguably the most terrifying movie monster/villain ever, ‘Leatherface’, the deranged chainsaw wielding psychopath of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ fame, has earned his place amongst the likes of ‘Freddy Krueger’, ‘Jason Voorhees’, and ‘Micheal Myers’, as a legend of classic horror cinema.
Dressed in a mask made of human skin, Leatherface (along with his inbred family) engages in the brutal torture, murder, and cannibalism, of all who wander too far into their territory. A gigantic unhinged mute with a chainsaw, Leatherface, kills at the command of his family, like an attack dog mixed with an overgrown baby, Leatherface, is completely under the control of his crazed and unstable relatives, killing at their request.
According to the original movie, Leatherface, wore three different masks, with each determining his personality depending upon which mask he wore.  The ‘Grandmother Mask’ is the one he wears when helping in the kitchen (trying to be domestic), he wears his ‘Pretty Woman’ mask when dressing up for dinner, and lastly, and the mask you’d least like to meet him wearing, is his ‘Killing Mask’, because should you meet Leatherface wearing this mask, then you only have two options open to you: to run or to die.
Undisputed royalty of the slasher horror genre, Leatherface, wears his masks to conceal the sever facial deformity that made him subject to cruel ridicule from his peers as a child. Ridicule that propelled him along the path to cruel emotionless slayer of lost teenagers, feasting upon their decapitated carcasses.
Star of five movies (to date) and counting, Leatherface, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, shows no sign of slowing in popularity anytime soon. For having now become something of a pop-culture icon, and a legend of horror cinema, Leatherface, and his maniacal clan, continue to wait patiently, for the lost and the lonely to wander into their trap, at the ‘Last Chance' gas station.
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Web Ouija - DARE YOU PLAY? - FREE Ouija Board Online

The game is widely referred to by those who lurk the dark corners of the internet as 'DARE YOU PLAY?', an online web Ouija board that some say is more than just the innocent game that at first it seems. This web Ouija board itself upon entry warns of the confusion experienced by those who have gone before you, and the strangely accurate messages received by some visitors, whilst a quick visit to YouTube and a conversation regarding the web Ouija 'Dare You Play' elicits such warnings as:
* 'Don't go to the website! DON'T We're moving out today. That thing brought something into my house and we can't get rid of it!'
* I just went on the site and felt myself paralyzed for a few minutes, i don't recommend it'
* 'OMG RIGHT when i clicked the LINK....i felt chills....i closed it asap...i love scary shit, but im WAYYY too scared to try that shit out...'
Web Ouija - Free Ouija Board Online
The web Ouija board online taunts visitors, daring them to gamble with both 'sanity' and 'soul' in search of cheap thrills and perhaps answers to questions unknown, for who knows what reasons drive those who seek out the Devils oracle. Mere curiosity? or the need of proof that beyond this life we know, for good or for bad, something more exists.
A morbid death clock counts through the lives of those who have gone before, the foolish and the unlucky both, Its total swelling with each passing second, souls are sold cheaply here. 'You have been here for 33 seconds, 49 people have died in that time!', you're informed as the death clocks keeps on ticking, and it's difficult not to think of how easy it could be for your number to be added to the total.
For those who believe the web Ouija board offers up a prayer, supposedly of protection from evil entities, but makes no guarantee of its effectiveness, for the Bible itself labels the practice of 'scrying' and by relation the Ouija board a sin, so the faithful should expect no quarter or mercy, for the Ouija board loves the souls of believers and non-believers alike, and all who buy the ticket, like it or not, will be forced to take the ride.


* 'Holy shit right after i clicked the link to the site... it didnt let me then i heard loud voices coming from my room, i checked no one was in there.'
* ...Suddenly i see ghosts and if you look at me, im fine but actually my heart screaming so loud.'
* 'When I asked the name I got "Lonely " And this person is 69 years old and they gave me a time. That time will be here in a few minutes, I wonder if anything will happen?'

Ibwa - The Corpse Eating Demon of the Philippines

According to Philippine folklore, ‘Ibwa’, are ‘Demon who feed on the bodies of the dead’.

Most commonly associated with the Tinguian,  an indigenous people from the mountain province of Abra in northwestern Luzon, in the Philippines.  Ibwa, are evil spirits who once mingled with men in human form, but due to the carelessness of one funeral mourner, who gave an Ibwa fat from a dead man to drink, the Ibwa acquired a taste for the bodies of the deceased.  From which day it has been necessary to protect corpses from the Ibwa’s insatiable appetites.

There are several ways to protect the recently deceased from the attentions of the Ibwa:

* An iron plough point is placed over the grave.  As according to legend, all Demon, and evil spirits fear iron.

* A live chicken with its throat slit is nailed to the door of the home within which lies the body of the dead.  The Ibwa witnessing the suffering of the chicken will fear similar treatment, and fear to enter the home.

* A hole can be burnt into each garment of the deceased's clothing.  As it is said that the Ibwa, in addition to savoring the flesh of the dead, may also grow jealous of the clothing worn by the dead, and may attempt to steal it (and body with it).

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The Best Ouija Board Movies List

Surprisingly, for something that is generally considered to be one of the scariest things in the world of the paranormal. The Ouija board, is not featured in all-that-many horror movies. A tool of communicating with spirits, and Demons, the Internet is full to bursting with supposedly ‘real’ stories of those who have dared to play with the ‘Devil’s Oracle', and of the terrifying experiences that frequently follow such play.  
And below are some of the best movies featuring the Ouija board ever made:
The Exorcist (The Version You've Never Seen)
Amazon Price: $3.96
List Price: $19.98
The Exorcist
One of the classic horror movies of all time, ‘The Exorcist’, is based around events that unfold following the young girl, Regan MacNeal’s, use of a Ouija board, to communicate with the mysteriously named ‘Captain Howdy’, a Demon that goes on to possess the young girl, leading to Reagan’s mother seeking the help of two priests, who attempt to exorcise the Demon from within her. The Ouija board scene itself may be short and sweet, but thye Ouija board is, none-the-less, very much at the heart of The Exorcist.
13 Ghosts
Amazon Price: $5.45
List Price: $14.99
13 Ghosts
This 1960’s cult horror classic tells the tale of a family who inherit a haunted house from the deceased scientist, ‘Dr. Zorba’. Home to twelve ghosts (including the now late Dr. Zorba), the mischievous spectres who inhabit the house, seek to add another to their numbers, bringing the total up to thirteen. Threatening the family via the Ouija board with messages of “H-U-R-T” and “K-I-L-L”. Ghost-viewing goggles, and ‘Illusion-O’ special effects, make this a must see for fans of classic horror, with a Ouija board twist.
Amazon Price: $7.97
List Price: $14.98
If you’re looking for something a little heavier on Ouija board action, and scares, than you can’t go wrong with the movie ‘Witchboard’.  A 1985 horror that spawned a couple of sequels, Witchboard, kicks-off when a group of revellers decide to bring out the Ouija board for cheap thrills at a party, however, the thrills that follow, turn out to be anything but cheap, as the spirit they contact via the Ouija board, reigns down all of Hell upon them.
Paranormal Activity
Amazon Price: $4.27
List Price: $14.99
Paranormal Activity
While not the cause of the Demonic activity, the Ouija board features in both Paranormal Activity, and Paranormal Activity 2. And is the tool through which those receiving the unwanted attentions of the Demon elevate the activity, by showing a willingness to communicate with it. And also the means through which they receive messages from the Demon, such as ‘H-U-N-T-E-’ in Paranormal Activity 2, which is most likely the incomplete name of the taunted child, ‘Hunter’.
What Lies Beneath
Amazon Price: $4.62
List Price: $9.98
What Lies Beneath
A lightweight, and generally well-received horror/thriller that features ‘Michelle Pfeiffer’ starring alongside ‘Harrison Ford’, in a story that revolves around the leading lady’s discovery of her husbands ‘dark’ secret.  And Features a jumpy wine-fueled Ouija board session held in the bathroom, as ‘Claire’ (Michelle Pfeiffer), and friend, attempt to contact the spirit of a ghostly girl...
Girls School Screamers
Amazon Price: $26.39
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Amityville 3-D
Amazon Price: $6.98
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Ouija Board
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Ouija - Philippine Tagalog DVD Movie
Amazon Price: $19.52