Abalam - The Demon from the 'The Last Exorcism' Movie

Cotton Marcus, supposedly reading from the book, ‘Hortus Deliciarum’, tells the father of the possessed girl in the movie, ‘The Last Exorcism’, that his daughter is possessed by the Demon, ‘Abalam’. Explaining that Abalam is ‘very powerful, perhaps the most powerful Demon in the entire book. What he does is like a snake, he wraps himself in a coil, around the soul of the person. The thing about Abalam, is that he preys on the flesh of the innocent. He defiles the flesh of the innocent. That is what he does, defiles. And he’s particularly bad when he’s in young girls’. Before continuing to explain that ‘the possessed’s only salvation, will come in death’ (unless she is exorcised).

But who is Abalam?

Unfortunately, there is very little information regarding the Demon Abalam to be found online. Abalam is a Demon of the Christian religion, but was was not very prominent within biblical scripture.

Associated with the Demon, ‘Paimon’. One of the Kings of Hell, and a teacher of ‘secret things’. Online sources suggests that “If Paimon is evoked with sacrifice, or libation, he may appear, sometimes accompanied by two great princes of the underworld ‘Bebal’, and Abalam.

Another source states that “Abalam is described as being pale with dark eyes & that he encourages lust and rage”.

Unfortunately though, after hours of searching, I can find no more information than these flimsy factoids. Which is perhaps why the writers of The Last Exorcism chose Abalam in the first place. Allowing them free reign to make of the Demon what they would, without the need to conform to any strong pre-existing persona.

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