The Best Ouija Board Movies List

Surprisingly, for something that is generally considered to be one of the scariest things in the world of the paranormal. The Ouija board, is not featured in all-that-many horror movies. A tool of communicating with spirits, and Demons, the Internet is full to bursting with supposedly ‘real’ stories of those who have dared to play with the ‘Devil’s Oracle', and of the terrifying experiences that frequently follow such play.  
And below are some of the best movies featuring the Ouija board ever made:
The Exorcist (The Version You've Never Seen)
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The Exorcist
One of the classic horror movies of all time, ‘The Exorcist’, is based around events that unfold following the young girl, Regan MacNeal’s, use of a Ouija board, to communicate with the mysteriously named ‘Captain Howdy’, a Demon that goes on to possess the young girl, leading to Reagan’s mother seeking the help of two priests, who attempt to exorcise the Demon from within her. The Ouija board scene itself may be short and sweet, but thye Ouija board is, none-the-less, very much at the heart of The Exorcist.
13 Ghosts
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13 Ghosts
This 1960’s cult horror classic tells the tale of a family who inherit a haunted house from the deceased scientist, ‘Dr. Zorba’. Home to twelve ghosts (including the now late Dr. Zorba), the mischievous spectres who inhabit the house, seek to add another to their numbers, bringing the total up to thirteen. Threatening the family via the Ouija board with messages of “H-U-R-T” and “K-I-L-L”. Ghost-viewing goggles, and ‘Illusion-O’ special effects, make this a must see for fans of classic horror, with a Ouija board twist.
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If you’re looking for something a little heavier on Ouija board action, and scares, than you can’t go wrong with the movie ‘Witchboard’.  A 1985 horror that spawned a couple of sequels, Witchboard, kicks-off when a group of revellers decide to bring out the Ouija board for cheap thrills at a party, however, the thrills that follow, turn out to be anything but cheap, as the spirit they contact via the Ouija board, reigns down all of Hell upon them.
Paranormal Activity
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Paranormal Activity
While not the cause of the Demonic activity, the Ouija board features in both Paranormal Activity, and Paranormal Activity 2. And is the tool through which those receiving the unwanted attentions of the Demon elevate the activity, by showing a willingness to communicate with it. And also the means through which they receive messages from the Demon, such as ‘H-U-N-T-E-’ in Paranormal Activity 2, which is most likely the incomplete name of the taunted child, ‘Hunter’.
What Lies Beneath
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What Lies Beneath
A lightweight, and generally well-received horror/thriller that features ‘Michelle Pfeiffer’ starring alongside ‘Harrison Ford’, in a story that revolves around the leading lady’s discovery of her husbands ‘dark’ secret.  And Features a jumpy wine-fueled Ouija board session held in the bathroom, as ‘Claire’ (Michelle Pfeiffer), and friend, attempt to contact the spirit of a ghostly girl...
Girls School Screamers
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Amityville 3-D
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Ouija Board
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Ouija - Philippine Tagalog DVD Movie
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