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Arguably the most terrifying movie monster/villain ever, ‘Leatherface’, the deranged chainsaw wielding psychopath of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ fame, has earned his place amongst the likes of ‘Freddy Krueger’, ‘Jason Voorhees’, and ‘Micheal Myers’, as a legend of classic horror cinema.
Dressed in a mask made of human skin, Leatherface (along with his inbred family) engages in the brutal torture, murder, and cannibalism, of all who wander too far into their territory. A gigantic unhinged mute with a chainsaw, Leatherface, kills at the command of his family, like an attack dog mixed with an overgrown baby, Leatherface, is completely under the control of his crazed and unstable relatives, killing at their request.
According to the original movie, Leatherface, wore three different masks, with each determining his personality depending upon which mask he wore.  The ‘Grandmother Mask’ is the one he wears when helping in the kitchen (trying to be domestic), he wears his ‘Pretty Woman’ mask when dressing up for dinner, and lastly, and the mask you’d least like to meet him wearing, is his ‘Killing Mask’, because should you meet Leatherface wearing this mask, then you only have two options open to you: to run or to die.
Undisputed royalty of the slasher horror genre, Leatherface, wears his masks to conceal the sever facial deformity that made him subject to cruel ridicule from his peers as a child. Ridicule that propelled him along the path to cruel emotionless slayer of lost teenagers, feasting upon their decapitated carcasses.
Star of five movies (to date) and counting, Leatherface, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, shows no sign of slowing in popularity anytime soon. For having now become something of a pop-culture icon, and a legend of horror cinema, Leatherface, and his maniacal clan, continue to wait patiently, for the lost and the lonely to wander into their trap, at the ‘Last Chance' gas station.
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