Contacting ZOZO, the Demon of the Ouija Board Online

Recently I heard a strange story from a friend of mine, who knowing that I’m interested in all things paranormal, decided to share it with me. As I in turn, now share it with you. And it’s a story of several parts, with each becoming more intriguing, as the story unravels.

The story is essentially based around an entity known as ‘ZOZO’, a name I was unfamiliar with until recently. ZOZO, for those who don’t know, is the name of a ‘Demon’, or malevolent spirit of some kind, that is said to be associated with the Ouija board. And is a name that is spelt out more frequently than most, by the Ouija board, when asked to by players wishing to know with whom they are communicating. And often so, just before things begin to turn nasty.

Who is ZOZO?

While nobody knows for sure, ZOZO is an entity that (as stated above) is said to be strongly linked to the use of Ouija boards. Some say that he is the ‘Destroyer’, others that he is a three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hell. While others still, who have communicated with ZOZO, claim that he is ‘Pazuzu’, the ‘Demon of the Southwest winds’, and ‘the bringer of drought, and famine’. As featured in the supposedly real horror classic ‘The Exorcist’.

A name known to ‘Aleister Crowley, the influential English occultist stated that the name ZOZO meant ‘666’. And is the name given to the one who comes forth to consume the souls of man. But ultimately, irregardless of what the name ZOZO means, he rears his head with unerving frequency, in the tales of those who have dared to meddle with the infamous Ouija board.
3 A.M.

The next piece of the puzzle revolves around the time of 03:00. A time known in some circles as the ‘Demon Hour’. Or the ‘Devil’s Hour’. It is said that the crucified Jesus Christ died on the cross at 3 PM. And as such, the time of 3 AM is an enduring ‘mockery’ of the death of the son of God. 

It is a time reportedly associated with all manner of unusual occurances, not least of which, is the murder of the family of ‘Butch Defeo’ at his own hands, at the time of 03:15. In the supposedly true horror tale ‘The Amytiville Horror’.


Known in some circles as ‘Dare You Play?’, the game is an online Ouija board game. That while making claims of the possibility of making ‘real’ contact, appears to be little more than a pre-programmed flash game. That simply responds to the questions asked by referencing them against some kind of database. And then answering as best it can, in a bid to convince players that they are indeed communicating with the souls of those passed on.

However, despite this seemingly being little more than a game, users have reportedly experienced strange occurances while playing. Reporting back that:

* "Don't go to the website! DON'T We're moving out today. That thing brought something into my house and we can't get rid of it!"
* "I just went on the site and felt myself paralyzed for a few minutes, i don't recommend it'"
The Culmination

Which is how I came to find myself, on the advice of a friend, typing the question ‘What is your name?’ into the online Ouija board, at just gone three in the morning. At a time when, according to the websites online death clock, several hundred people had already died before me. 

And as the lights in my room began to flicker, and the hairs on my neck stood hard, as the room suddenly felt very cold all around me. The cursor began to spell out “Z......O.......Z.......”.

Before plunging my bedroom into complete darkness. From within which I heard a voice whisper in my ear. “I am here!”


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