Skyfish / Flying Rods - Examined

‘Skyfish’ (also known as ‘Flying Rods’), are an unusual phenomena, that despite there being a vast amount of photographic, and video evidence of their existence, there is no (as yet) concrete explanation as to exactly what it is, that they are.

‘Rod-like’ in structure, with pronounced wing/fin like appendages, Skyfish, have been captured on film the world over. Yet despite having been filmed often in large numbers, not one has ever been captured for examination. And are difficult, if not impossible, to see with the naked eye.

Are Skyfish alive?

Without examination, it is impossible to say for sure. But due to the way that they seem to move with animal-like instinct, and due to the strangely-fish like appendages that seem to propel them through both water, and air. Many believe that Skyfish are an as yet unknown living creature (of some kind). Yet, with Skyfish believed to grow up to 100 feet in length, it is difficult to imagine that the remains of a deceased Skyfish has never been found.

What are Skyfish?

Some say that they're creatures from the depths of the ocean.  Others, that they inhabit the clouds. Renowned 'contactee', and UFOloigst, 'Alex Collier', is known to have spoken of 'Rods', claiming that his 'contacts' (the andromedansinformed him that they are alien craft, travelling through parallel dimensions, completely unaware of our existence, as they seemingly share space with us.  While others still, suggest, that on a quantum level, these could be organisms whose particles vibrate, 'on a different level' to our own.  While those who don't believe in such things, claim that Skyfish are merely 'normal' insects, flying faster than camera shutters are able to keep up with, resulting in blurred images, that account for the seemingly long, and unusual trailing bodies; that Skyfish seem to possess.

What do you think?

Are Skyfish interplanetary beings, or spacecraft travelling in the fourth or fifth dimension, or merely just bugs flying too fast for camera shutters to interpret correctly?

Share your thoughts below.

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