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The game is widely referred to by those who lurk the dark corners of the internet as 'DARE YOU PLAY?', an online web Ouija board that some say is more than just the innocent game that at first it seems. This web Ouija board itself upon entry warns of the confusion experienced by those who have gone before you, and the strangely accurate messages received by some visitors, whilst a quick visit to YouTube and a conversation regarding the web Ouija 'Dare You Play' elicits such warnings as:
* 'Don't go to the website! DON'T We're moving out today. That thing brought something into my house and we can't get rid of it!'
* I just went on the site and felt myself paralyzed for a few minutes, i don't recommend it'
* 'OMG RIGHT when i clicked the LINK....i felt chills....i closed it asap...i love scary shit, but im WAYYY too scared to try that shit out...'
Web Ouija - Free Ouija Board Online
The web Ouija board online taunts visitors, daring them to gamble with both 'sanity' and 'soul' in search of cheap thrills and perhaps answers to questions unknown, for who knows what reasons drive those who seek out the Devils oracle. Mere curiosity? or the need of proof that beyond this life we know, for good or for bad, something more exists.
A morbid death clock counts through the lives of those who have gone before, the foolish and the unlucky both, Its total swelling with each passing second, souls are sold cheaply here. 'You have been here for 33 seconds, 49 people have died in that time!', you're informed as the death clocks keeps on ticking, and it's difficult not to think of how easy it could be for your number to be added to the total.
For those who believe the web Ouija board offers up a prayer, supposedly of protection from evil entities, but makes no guarantee of its effectiveness, for the Bible itself labels the practice of 'scrying' and by relation the Ouija board a sin, so the faithful should expect no quarter or mercy, for the Ouija board loves the souls of believers and non-believers alike, and all who buy the ticket, like it or not, will be forced to take the ride.


* 'Holy shit right after i clicked the link to the site... it didnt let me then i heard loud voices coming from my room, i checked no one was in there.'
* ...Suddenly i see ghosts and if you look at me, im fine but actually my heart screaming so loud.'
* 'When I asked the name I got "Lonely " And this person is 69 years old and they gave me a time. That time will be here in a few minutes, I wonder if anything will happen?'

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  1. hi I just downloaded this app and even without calling how a spirit can come. this is stupid. in case of real ouja board you need to call wherein in online it readily available wowo how is that possible.