Why are Demon Afraid of Iron? - Answers

While the answers to such questions are often not clear, from England, to the Philippines, it is a commonly held belief (by People who believe in such things) that Demon are in some way afraid of Iron, or at the very least, that Iron can be used to keep Demon at bay.

But why?

While there are no known references that can be taken as fact, there are a number of theories as to why the belief that Demon are afraid of iron arose. Two of which, you can read about below.

The Weapons of Religious Crusaders

One possible explanation for why Demon are said to be ‘scared’ of iron, is due to the weapons of ‘Religious Crusaders’. Back in the day, Demon, and other entities of an otherworldy nature, were worshipped by Pagans, and the like, as Gods. However, during religious wars, such as the ‘Crusades’, champions of Christianity, frequently slayed such people due to their ‘unholy beliefs’. And the Crusaders, as the Knights of a more advanced society than that of the Pagans, came with weapons, and armour made of iron. Which made them a formidable enemy for the Pagans. with their less refined weaponry. So that as the worshipers of these ‘Demonic’ Gods were slain. This in turn, some believe, led to the legend that Demon are afraid of iron.
The Crucifixion Nails

One other theory that could be said to explain the belief that Demon are afraid of iron, relates to the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus. ‘Wrought iron nails’ are believed to have been used to nail Jesus to the cross. And having penetrated into the body of Christ, iron is said to be forever-onwards imbued with the blood of the ‘Lord’. Infusing within it, special properties associated with ‘the Light of God’. Making this another possible explanation accounting for the belief that Demon are afraid of, or are kept at bay by, iron.

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