The 'Psychic Circle ' Talking Board - The New Face of Ouija

‘Talking Boards’ a tool used by the practitioner to communicate with and/or receive messages from ‘The Other Side’ have been around for hundreds of years, and perhaps in some form for as long as man himself has existed. Considered to be a game by some, the Ouija board, talking boards, spirit boards, witch boards, etc. have remained unchanged for a long time, until recently, with the development and release of the ‘Psychic Circle’ talking board, a tool that not only includes all of the elements of a traditional talking board, but also includes numerous additional functions and enhancements.
Without doubt the worlds most notorious game the Ouija board inspires strong emotions from all who cross their path.  Love them or loath them, few who dare to play are left untouched  by the experience, with stories passed down through generation to generation, of strange occurrences, and other-worldly going-ons.  With many who have played exclaiming that they would never play again.
Reaching into the Astral Planes the Psychic Circle talking board includes all the standard features of the Ouija board, such as the alphabet, numbers, “yes”. and “no”. But for a more complex, yet user friendly and intuitive divination experience, the Psychic Circle talking board includes a whole host of additional features that allow for more thorough and detailed interactions with the spirit realm.

With mystical symbols, the Zodiac, and a wide array of command words, such as: ‘wait’, ‘listen’, ‘open’, and ‘near’ (to name a few) that build upon the ‘yes/no’ function of the original talking board, the Psychic Circle brings a new depth to the ‘game’ that was otherwise missing. And as such, is currently one of the most comprehensive tools available to both amateur and professional practitioners of divination alike.

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So, I Bought a Haunted Doll on eBay...


As a long term fan of creepy dolls, such as ‘Chucky’, from the Child’s Play movie franchise, and those supposedly more real, like the infamous ‘Robert the Doll’. I’ve often found a strange pleasure in perusing the ‘Haunted Dolls’ offered up for sale on eBay (of which there are many).

Evil dolls possessed by malevolent spirits, and those of a kinder nature are less rare than you might previously have thought. Or at least, that’s what the numerous eBay sellers would have you believe. With Haunted dolls being listed in their hundreds. From dolls possessed by vile Demon. Through to dolls that play home to lost children, and dolls that whisper in the night. All can be found on Ebay. For a price.

And while I’m smart enough to understand why eBay forces the sellers of such wares to label in small letters their items for sale, ‘for entertainment purposes only’. And would not expect to find too many ‘real-life’ Chuckys on the internets favorite auction site. You just never know. And seeing as many of these haunted dolls don’t sell for a huge amount. For a small handful of notes, I could own my very own ‘haunted doll’. Which, for right, or for wrong, was something that appealed to me.

Meet ‘Lamba’ (see photo), a doll who contains the spirit of a child who in life, suffered terribly. And who now, through confusion, fear, and malice. Trapped. Half-in, and half-out of the next realm. Seeks revenge against a world that caused it such pain. ‘Highly-active’, and mischievous. Lamba, is said to be highly unpredictable. And the seller, as part of the conditions of sale. Waves any and all responsibility - for any harm caused to the new buyer (i.e. me). Up to, and including, loss of life.

Conditions I perhaps foolishly accepted by hitting the ‘Buy-It-Now’ button.

And so now Lamba sits, on a chair in the corner of the room (which seems to be the optimum position for witnessing doll-based paranormal activity - if you believe the YouTube videos). And here i lie, watching it. Waiting for it to come at me. Unwilling to be caught off-guard, and unprepared. At least that is, until sleep grips me. Affording it the chance to slip down from its chair whilst I slumber - and choke me while I sleep.

But for now I still live. And while my eBay doll has not yet attacked me with cleaver, or set me aflame in my bed. Six weeks in - and I’m not going to write Lamba off as a total fraud, just yet. Because there have been several small ‘unexplainable’ episodes of note. Such as the doll hiding my car keys. Drinking my last beer. And forgetting to put the toilet seat down behind it. All evidence, I think you’ll agree - of a highly active, and inexplicable paranormal entity (and not of a forgetful haunted doll owner)...

How to Communicate with the Dead - Talking with Ghosts

There are many reasons why people choose to seek out and communicate with the dead. Curiosity of the unknown, for fun and cheap scares, the search for answers, or the desire to communicate with a specific lost love or acquaintance. Teenagers at party's gather and dare each other with lights turned low, unsure and a little scared they perform rituals passed down from generation to generation by candle-light. Whilst professional ghost hunters and paranormal investigators go high-tech utilizing delicate instruments in a bid to communicate with the dead, in the hope of proving once and for all that life after death exists.
Talking to the Dead
Old school or new school there are numerous devices that exist that are said to be able to assist a person in their efforts at communicating with the dead. With one perhaps as old as time itself and the other a more recent invention, both of the following have been referred to as 'telephones to the dead', and are two of the more easily obtainable and promising of the devices used to converse with or receive messages from, those who have passed on.
The Ouija Board
The Ouija board is the most notorious of all 'games', and the tool most commonly believed to be possible of communication with the dead. How or why it works is unclear, but many would claim that through pure will and belief a door is opened by the user(s) psyche and an invitation is sent out, allowing 'whatever' stumbles across it to connect and converse, and possibly even cross over.
Simple Ouija board like devices are known to have been in use as far back as 1368 in China during the Ming Dynasty, making the desire to communicate with spirits very old indeed, and it has probably existed for as long as man himself has. And whilst there has never been any hard scientific data to support the fact that Ouija boards do indeed work, a quick search of the internet will reveal thousands of witness statements all swearing that they do. Find Ouija Board for Sale
Franks Box
One of the latest additions to the world of ghost hunting equipment for the paranormal investigator is ‘Franks Box’ which is also known as the ‘Ghost box’. Invented and created by ‘Frank Sumpton’ Franks ghost box is a tool that is designed to allow for instant communication with the supernatural world.
Franks ghost box utilises the phenomenon of ‘white noise’ and ‘electronic voice phenomena (EVP)’. Franks box creates white noise by scanning through the AM, FM and shortwave radio bands and this creates the raw audio source through which ghosts, spirits and other paranormal entities can be heard.
Frank’s box is said to offer instant results in the form of electronic voice phenomena in a way that previously would have required far more effort and analysis to achieve, and with newer models often resembling the look of the Apple iPod in appearance, Franks Box is very much bringing ghost hunting equipment up to date.   Find Ghost Box for Sale
So there you have it, two devices for communicating with the dead, one from the past and one from the present. Both with their champions and both with their skeptics.
Which leaves only one question:
If you could communicate with the dead.  What would you ask?

Will O The Wisp Folklore - Fire Fairy and Ghost Lights

While for me, Will-o’-the-Wisp (Willo the Wisp) will always be the storyteller from the much loved eighties cartoon of the same name, featuring the fat fairy ‘Mavis Cruet’, and ‘Arthur’, the Caterpillar. Will-o’-the-Wisp, the paranormal creatures of folklore, are far more nefarious in their activities.

Believed to be native to Britain (though having also been reported in other countries) these flickering candle-like entities are believed to inhabit marshes, woodlands, bogs, and the like. And Will-o’-the-Wisp, like the seductive Mermaid of Maritime legend, use their enchanting lights to lead weary travellers away from the safety of well-worn paths, luring them into the dangers held within the dark.

Malevolent spirits, Will-o’-the-Wisp, (also sometimes known as, ‘Ignus Fatuus’ - foolish fire), are believed by some to be related to fairies, and pixies, due to their mischievous nature. While others believe the Will-o-the Wisp to be unhappy spirits of the dead - forced to forever walk the Earth in limbo, to pay for crimes committed while still alive.

Thought by some to be formed of methane gas, Will-o’-the-Wisp, while most well-known for their acts of drawing travellers to their deaths, also feature in tales in which they lead those who chance upon them to the locations of buried treasure, and other rewards. Making their behaviour a little harder to predict.

In Argentina the Phenomenon is known as ‘Luz Mala’ (or ‘Evil Light’), where it is believed that should the entity be white in color upon encounter, a prayer should be said for the lost soul. While if the Wisp is red in color, you should flee immediately, or die soon after. So, should you find yourself confronted by these mysterious beings while out wandering through forests, or marshes, late at night. Take the advice given by the Gollum, to Frodo, and Samwise, in J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic ‘Lord of the Rings’, and that was to ‘not follow the lights’, or forever ‘keep the dead company and have little candles of their own’.

Alice in Wonderland Living Dead Dolls - Further Down the Rabbit Hole

If you were one of those like I, who thought it impossible to travel further down the rabbit hole than the depths reached in the classic novel by Lewis Carroll 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', you were wrong. Because to celebrate the launch of the new 3D Alice in Wonderland movie 'Mezco' creators of the 'Living Dead Dolls' (possibly the strangest range of dolls ever produced) have launched four new 'Alice' inspired creations.

Few will be unfamiliar with the story of Alice's adventures in Wonderland, and her plight as she explores this strange and unusual Topsy-turvy world, where aided by such unusual characters as 'The Mad Hatter' and 'The March Hare' she is ultimately forced to confront 'The Queen of Hearts', and bring an end to her tyranny.
Mezco Living Dead Dolls
Whilst the Living Dead dolls started out as 'OOAK' (one-of-a-kind) hand-made craft dolls, once the rights were bought to produce them on a larger scale by toy company Mezco the Living Dead Dolls rapidly became highly sought after collectibles. Already into their 19th series, plus dozens of variant and movie inspired spin-off dolls, the Living Dead dolls collection shows no sign of slowing in popularity and range. Initially based upon the Zombie like characters from such films as 'Night of the Living Dead' produced by 'George A. Romero', and 'John A. Russo' the Living Dead dolls collection now includes all manner of iconic horror movie villains, such as 'Leather Face' from the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and 'Freddy Krueger' from the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' horror series.

Alice: 'If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?'
Alice in Wonderland Living Dead Dolls
Where as many of the other movie inspired Living Dead dolls are based solely upon the movies character the Alice in Wonderland Living Dead dolls range is different. For instead of simply being Living Dead Dolls inspired by the new movie, the Alice in Wonderland Living Dead dolls are re-workings of some of the collections classic characters, re-modeled in Wonderland fashions.
Set to become highly collectible due to the dual nature of their inspiration the Alice in Wonderland Living Dead dolls range introduces four new variants, and the dolls who have been transformed through their travels through the rabbit hole are: 'Sadie' (as Alice), 'Cybil' (as The Mad Hatter), 'Eggzorcist' (as the March Hare) and 'Inferno' (as the Queen of Hearts).
So for those out there for whom the tales of Alice were not peculiar enough, just imagine a Wonderland populated by the fiery eyed fiends and deathly dark effigy's that comprise the Alice in Wonderland Living Dead dolls range, for should they populate the world at the other end of the rabbit hole through which you fall, you'll soon be screaming out for the tender mercy's of more lovable rogues such as the Mad hatter and the Cheshire Cat.  For nonsensical riddles and joyous tea-party's I suspect, are far from the designs that these heinous dolls have in store for you.

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Am I Possessed by a Demon - Signs and Symptoms

You’d have thought that being possessed by a Demon would be the same as going crazy. i.e. If you think that you’re going crazy, you’re almost definitely not. Because somebody who was truly going ‘crazy’, would be unaware of that fact, and the fact that you suspect you might be, is evidence, like it or not, that you’re still very much sane.

However, when it comes to Demonic possession, perhaps it is a little more like suffering from a debilitating addiction, such as severe alcoholism, or drug addiction. Meaning that you can be very aware of the terrible ways in which you often behave, but often, or so it feels, there is very little that you can do about it - but watch yourself deteriorate.

Am I Possessed by a Demon?

If your head is rotating 360, and you’re spewing green pea soup everywhere, this would be an easy question to answer. But for those a little less-obviously possessed, it is said that there are four signs (or signals) - that can be used to help identify cases of genuine Demonic possession. A diagnosis that through Exorcism, can hopefully be cured.

Four Signs of Demonic Possession: 

(1) Unnatural Strength.

While there are other known instances in which people have exhibited strength far beyond that which would normally be considered normal (such as the cases you may well have heard of of accident victims, etc. lifting objects far heavier than they normally could in crisis situations, in order to save the lives of trapped loved ones), exhibiting strength far beyond that normal for size, and build, can be a tell-tale sign of possible Demonic possession.

(2) An aversion to Holy objects.

An aversion to Holy objects has been attributed to almost every ‘evil’ entity since way-back-when. From Vampires, to Troll, to Demon. Symbols of faith in Gods, and deities of all religions (depending upon your beliefs) are often considered to be powerful tools in the ‘fight’ against malicious entities. And as such, an aversion to Holy objects such as crucifixes, and other religious medallions, could be seen as signalling Demonic possession within a subject.

(3) Knowing that thought to be unknown to the subject. 

One example of this factor, is the subject speaking in languages unknown to the possibly possessed (sometimes referred to as ‘speaking in tongues’). Old-World, and biblical languages are particularly suggestive of possible Demonic possession. While another example of this particular signal is the potentially possessed being aware of events that could not be known to the subject via means other than those considered to be paranormal (taunting those close to them with unrevealed secrets, etc.).

(4) Preternatural Movement.

‘Preternatural’, is defined as being, ‘Out of or being beyond the normal course of nature; i.e. Surpassing the normal or usual.  And this sign of possession can be thought of as being akin to the Psychokinetic ability of ‘Telekinesis’. Or in other words, the ability to move,around, or in other ways manipulate objects (be they animal, mineral, or vegetable) without any form of physical contact. An ability that presumably many within the psychic community would argue is not necessarily caused by Demonic possession. But in this context, is considered to be another of the signalling factors used to ‘diagnose’ possession. And separate them from those suffering from mental illness, etc.

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Where Can I Find the REAL Ring Video Online?

If you’ve found this page in search of the ‘real’ Ring video. As featured in the Japanese (and American remakes) horror series of movies, based around the Demon girl ‘Samara’, and the cursed video tape that summons her within seven days, to kill all who dared to watch the aforementioned VHS cassette. You’ll probably find yourself disappointed (or perhaps a little relieved), to find out that - no such video actually exists. :/ Sorry!

However, if you’re still in the mood for a little creepiness. Don’t stay disappointed for too long. Because while the internet might not be able to offer up a real Ring video, able to off you to the afterlife, in seven days or so - there are certainly other scares to be had. So turn the volume up on your computer, and turn the lights down low. As we guide you to some of the scariest corners of the internet...

The Exorcism Tapes of Anneliese Michel

Demon are scary! Most of us are agreed on that! And if there’s one thing worse than an uber-scary movie Demon, it has to be evidence of ‘real-life’ Demonic activity - of the kind that could happen to you. Which is exactly what the Exorcism recordings of Anneliese Michel are said to be.

A German Catholic woman plagued by Demon, The possession of Anneliese Michel, and subsequent Exorcism, is among the most well-known, and well-documented in History. And the video above-right, is said to be the actual audio recorded during Anneliese’s Exorcism.

Online Ouija Board
The following may not be on the same level as a ‘real’ Ring video, but, there are those who have claimed that after playing the webpage known as ‘DARE YOU PLAY?’, strange things have happened. And what with the game being a virtual online Ouija board, it’s not altogether surprising. What with the Ouija board being arguably the most notorious ‘ board game’ ever made.

A tool for contacting both the dead, and Demon (if you believe the hype), the Ouija board probably has more scary stories attached to its use, than most other paranormal phenomena combined. And some say that the online version is no different. With past visitors issuing warnings, such as "DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! WE DID AND NOW BAD STUFF IS HAPPENING, STAY AWAY!!!!"
Marble Hornets
Still not scared? Our apologies. But we do have one last weapon in our arsenal. Marble Hornets. A collection of supposedly ‘real’ film clips based around the legend of Slender Man. If you haven’t already heard of ‘Slender Man’, Slender Man is a an ‘entity’ said to have been created entirely online. A creature of fictitious beginnings, that some believe has been given life, simply through the power of the belief (and fear) of all those who Believe the Slender Man to be real.

And the Marble Hornets series of videos documents in eery detail, the supposedly genuine account of ‘Alex’ and friends, who are said to have encountered the Slender Man first-hand.

Prepare to be scared!

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