How to Communicate with the Dead - Talking with Ghosts

There are many reasons why people choose to seek out and communicate with the dead. Curiosity of the unknown, for fun and cheap scares, the search for answers, or the desire to communicate with a specific lost love or acquaintance. Teenagers at party's gather and dare each other with lights turned low, unsure and a little scared they perform rituals passed down from generation to generation by candle-light. Whilst professional ghost hunters and paranormal investigators go high-tech utilizing delicate instruments in a bid to communicate with the dead, in the hope of proving once and for all that life after death exists.
Talking to the Dead
Old school or new school there are numerous devices that exist that are said to be able to assist a person in their efforts at communicating with the dead. With one perhaps as old as time itself and the other a more recent invention, both of the following have been referred to as 'telephones to the dead', and are two of the more easily obtainable and promising of the devices used to converse with or receive messages from, those who have passed on.
The Ouija Board
The Ouija board is the most notorious of all 'games', and the tool most commonly believed to be possible of communication with the dead. How or why it works is unclear, but many would claim that through pure will and belief a door is opened by the user(s) psyche and an invitation is sent out, allowing 'whatever' stumbles across it to connect and converse, and possibly even cross over.
Simple Ouija board like devices are known to have been in use as far back as 1368 in China during the Ming Dynasty, making the desire to communicate with spirits very old indeed, and it has probably existed for as long as man himself has. And whilst there has never been any hard scientific data to support the fact that Ouija boards do indeed work, a quick search of the internet will reveal thousands of witness statements all swearing that they do. Find Ouija Board for Sale
Franks Box
One of the latest additions to the world of ghost hunting equipment for the paranormal investigator is ‘Franks Box’ which is also known as the ‘Ghost box’. Invented and created by ‘Frank Sumpton’ Franks ghost box is a tool that is designed to allow for instant communication with the supernatural world.
Franks ghost box utilises the phenomenon of ‘white noise’ and ‘electronic voice phenomena (EVP)’. Franks box creates white noise by scanning through the AM, FM and shortwave radio bands and this creates the raw audio source through which ghosts, spirits and other paranormal entities can be heard.
Frank’s box is said to offer instant results in the form of electronic voice phenomena in a way that previously would have required far more effort and analysis to achieve, and with newer models often resembling the look of the Apple iPod in appearance, Franks Box is very much bringing ghost hunting equipment up to date.   Find Ghost Box for Sale
So there you have it, two devices for communicating with the dead, one from the past and one from the present. Both with their champions and both with their skeptics.
Which leaves only one question:
If you could communicate with the dead.  What would you ask?

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  1. I would like to try the Franks Box as Quija boards just FREAK me out!