The 'Psychic Circle ' Talking Board - The New Face of Ouija

‘Talking Boards’ a tool used by the practitioner to communicate with and/or receive messages from ‘The Other Side’ have been around for hundreds of years, and perhaps in some form for as long as man himself has existed. Considered to be a game by some, the Ouija board, talking boards, spirit boards, witch boards, etc. have remained unchanged for a long time, until recently, with the development and release of the ‘Psychic Circle’ talking board, a tool that not only includes all of the elements of a traditional talking board, but also includes numerous additional functions and enhancements.
Without doubt the worlds most notorious game the Ouija board inspires strong emotions from all who cross their path.  Love them or loath them, few who dare to play are left untouched  by the experience, with stories passed down through generation to generation, of strange occurrences, and other-worldly going-ons.  With many who have played exclaiming that they would never play again.
Reaching into the Astral Planes the Psychic Circle talking board includes all the standard features of the Ouija board, such as the alphabet, numbers, “yes”. and “no”. But for a more complex, yet user friendly and intuitive divination experience, the Psychic Circle talking board includes a whole host of additional features that allow for more thorough and detailed interactions with the spirit realm.

With mystical symbols, the Zodiac, and a wide array of command words, such as: ‘wait’, ‘listen’, ‘open’, and ‘near’ (to name a few) that build upon the ‘yes/no’ function of the original talking board, the Psychic Circle brings a new depth to the ‘game’ that was otherwise missing. And as such, is currently one of the most comprehensive tools available to both amateur and professional practitioners of divination alike.

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