Where Can I Find the REAL Ring Video Online?

If you’ve found this page in search of the ‘real’ Ring video. As featured in the Japanese (and American remakes) horror series of movies, based around the Demon girl ‘Samara’, and the cursed video tape that summons her within seven days, to kill all who dared to watch the aforementioned VHS cassette. You’ll probably find yourself disappointed (or perhaps a little relieved), to find out that - no such video actually exists. :/ Sorry!

However, if you’re still in the mood for a little creepiness. Don’t stay disappointed for too long. Because while the internet might not be able to offer up a real Ring video, able to off you to the afterlife, in seven days or so - there are certainly other scares to be had. So turn the volume up on your computer, and turn the lights down low. As we guide you to some of the scariest corners of the internet...

The Exorcism Tapes of Anneliese Michel

Demon are scary! Most of us are agreed on that! And if there’s one thing worse than an uber-scary movie Demon, it has to be evidence of ‘real-life’ Demonic activity - of the kind that could happen to you. Which is exactly what the Exorcism recordings of Anneliese Michel are said to be.

A German Catholic woman plagued by Demon, The possession of Anneliese Michel, and subsequent Exorcism, is among the most well-known, and well-documented in History. And the video above-right, is said to be the actual audio recorded during Anneliese’s Exorcism.

Online Ouija Board
The following may not be on the same level as a ‘real’ Ring video, but, there are those who have claimed that after playing the webpage known as ‘DARE YOU PLAY?’, strange things have happened. And what with the game being a virtual online Ouija board, it’s not altogether surprising. What with the Ouija board being arguably the most notorious ‘ board game’ ever made.

A tool for contacting both the dead, and Demon (if you believe the hype), the Ouija board probably has more scary stories attached to its use, than most other paranormal phenomena combined. And some say that the online version is no different. With past visitors issuing warnings, such as "DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! WE DID AND NOW BAD STUFF IS HAPPENING, STAY AWAY!!!!"
Marble Hornets
Still not scared? Our apologies. But we do have one last weapon in our arsenal. Marble Hornets. A collection of supposedly ‘real’ film clips based around the legend of Slender Man. If you haven’t already heard of ‘Slender Man’, Slender Man is a an ‘entity’ said to have been created entirely online. A creature of fictitious beginnings, that some believe has been given life, simply through the power of the belief (and fear) of all those who Believe the Slender Man to be real.

And the Marble Hornets series of videos documents in eery detail, the supposedly genuine account of ‘Alex’ and friends, who are said to have encountered the Slender Man first-hand.

Prepare to be scared!

>> Watch Marble Hornets <<

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