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Are ghosts, Demons, and the like, merely the imaginings of over-active, imaginative, and indeed, fearful minds. And nothing more than good source material from which to construct stories, and make movies. Or do these entities from other worlds, actually exist all around us, at any given moment, usually unseen, surrounding us, observing us, and on occasion, breaking through into our world. For good or for bad, altering (and occasionally wreaking havoc upon) the lives of the living.
The two recent Paranormal Activity movies would have us believe so. And so with that in mind, we decided to explore the online archives, in search of examples of ‘real’ paranormal activity, captured in homes just like yours, and uploaded onto the Internet, by people just like you.
Real Paranormal Activity Videos:
Can dogs see ghosts? - The supposition that animals might be able to see, or sense ghosts, is as old as man himself. And the question (as featured in the movie Paranormal Activity 2’), ‘Can dogs see ghosts?’, is a much debated one online. With many dog owners talking of the strange behavior displayed by their dogs at times. Including the unnerving experience of witnessing your furry best friend snarling viciously, or whining and backing away from, something we are unable to see. Making for interesting reading for those interested in cases of ‘real' paranormal activity. With a possibly surprising 74% of over one thousand people polled, believing that in fact, dogs CAN see ghosts. 
Can Children See Ghosts?
And if dogs can see ghosts, then what about children? Is your child seeing and talking to merely just their ‘invisible friend?’ Or to something more sinister? Children are often the main focus of paranormal entities, both in the movies, and in ‘real’ life accounts. With one idea being that as with dogs/animals, the innocence which (most) adults lose over the years, is what allows these (as yet) untarnished minds, to see into the spirit world, in a way that most of us ‘grown-ups have long since learnt to block out.
“Like a Little Bird...”
And nothing on this planet is surrounded by more accounts of ‘real’ paranormal activity than the tool of divination, known as the ‘Ouija Board’. Also known as the: ‘Talking Board’, ‘Witch Board’, and the ‘Devils Oracle’, the Ouija board is a ‘tool’ used to communicate with, and/or seek advice from, whatever it is that lurks, in the world unseen to us. Everybody knows somebody who has played with the Ouija board, or whose mother did when she was younger, and generally with terrifying results, leading to sworn oaths to never meddle with the Ouija board ever again. But is the Ouija board really anything more than just a simple board game? If truth be told, there really is only one way to find out for sure. And that’s to go play it. DARE YOU PLAY?

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