The Garden of EDIN - Aliens and the Garden of Eden

Type ‘Garden of Edin’, into Google, and it will almost definitely ask you, “Did you mean Garden of Eden?” Which, in this case, we didn’t.

What is the Garden of Edin?

The ‘story’ of the Garden of Eden talks of the biblical garden of God, a divine area in which the first man and woman were created (as you probably know). A story that, in many ways, the Garden of Edin theory runs parallel too. With one primary exception. In the idea of the Garden of Edin, the creator of mankind was not an all-powerful deity (in the current religious sense), but were instead, extraterrestrial beings. Entities from other worlds, who, having ‘stumbled’ across our planet in the course of their explorations, or with unknown intent, left a little something of themselves behind on our little blue planet, before departing. i.e. Us.

God was an Alien

And that’s the central idea behind the Garden of Edin. An idea that suggests that the creationist legend of mankinds birth is not wrong, exactly. But that the ‘God’ in question was somewhat misunderstood. And that rather than being an omnipotent entity conjured forth from the ether, were instead, members of an interplanetary-travelling alien race.

Genesis 1/26: 'And Yahweh said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness...'

An alien race that, as stated above, either with a now unknown intent, or out of experimentation, and curiosity while passing through. Genetically engineered the human race by splicing their own genetic material, with that of the primates, and simians they found to inhabit the Earth upon arrival.  Creating a race of beings, that would forever, question, and search for; the source of its origins.  

Where is the Garden of Edin Located?

According to legend, the Garden of Edin was located in the ‘East’. With some suggesting that it lay within Iraq, others, within Africa, while others still believe that the Garden of Edin, was in fact, the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Who were the Aliens that Created Us?

This is of course, unfortunately, unknown (or at least, it is to the majority - with some believing in shady government conspiracies, and the withholding of knowledge). However, if you’re looking for a little more, who, what, why, when, and where. And you’re a believer in the philosophy that a picture tells a thousand words.  The following two movies, should to some degree either quench, or fuel, your interest in the idea of an Alien-made human race. And the potential consequences, of being the living science-experiment, of an advanced Alien civilization...

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