Were You Born in the Year of the Snake? - The Chinese Zodiac

When I first found out that I'd been born in the year of the snake according to the Chinese Zodiac I wasn't particularly pleased about it. Because being born in the year of the snake suggested according to Chinese tradition that it was this animals qualities with which I was imbued. And in England the snake is not an animal revered, and to be named as such comes with negative connotations.

For in England to be called a snake is to suggest that you are of a treacherous nature, and a person of low moral standing. A back-stabber and a thief. And a person not to be trusted.

But despite all the exaggerated self doubt I'd felt at having found myself to be a snake no doubt fueled by an inner guilt that had always suspected that this was indeed so, I needn't have worried. For within the Chinese Zodiac the snake was not an animal to be ashamed of. But instead to count amongst a family's members a soul born to the year of the snake was a good omen. And the ancient Chinese believed that if there were a snake in the house, the family would always be free from want.

Personality traits of those born in the year of the snake:

Souls born to the year of the snake are quiet people, who are said to be possessing of great wisdom. Financially fortunate snakes are rarely lacking in money, although due to their thrifty ways those born under the snake can often be seen as selfish or stingy by those born to animals less careful.

Snakes are said to be vain and often worry about the opinions of others regarding their own actions, and as such tend to shy away from others preferring to rely upon themselves only.
Whilst tranquil as a calm pool on the surface snakes burn with intense passions within, and boiling blood courses through their veins. Usually good looking snakes can be fickle, and due to their good looks and vanity those born in the year of the snake are known to often indulge in extramarital affairs.

But although weak to the urges of the flesh snakes are touched with a tremendous sympathy for the feelings of others, and will always go out of their way to assist those less fortunate.

* And I have to say that in my case at least, this seemed to sum me up fairly well.

Famous Celebrity Snakes Include:

Ben Stiller
Elizabeth Hurley
J. K. Rowling
Pierce Brosnan
Cyndi Lauper
Kim Basinger

Love Interests:

Those born to the year of the snake are most compatible with: OX

Patient and strong individuals Ox's work hard to complete every task they set out to accomplish and are tolerant of the weaknesses of those less stable.


Capable, talented and observant deep thinkers those born under the year of the rooster love to entertain friends and meet new people. Usually well dressed and groomed roosters lap up the attentions of others, but are also of a compassionate and brave nature.

Were you born in the year of the snake?


The next year of the snake will be in 2013

* The Chinese Zodiac works on a 12 year rotation, so to find dates that fall under the snake outside of the above range add / subtract 12 years from those given.

And if like me initially you still don't like the idea of being a snake then there's always this:

“If you don't like your own character there may be a new one ready-made and waiting for you. For the snake sheds its skin with impunity." - Proverb.

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