Ouija Board Stories - The Case of Carol Sue Elvaker

While reports of ‘possession’ are not uncommon among those who dare to dabble with the Ouija board, usually, it is Demon, or other unholy entities who cop the blame for the odd, and sometimes dangerous behavior of those who begin to act unusually, following Ouija board play, in the instance of, ‘Carol Sue Elvaker’, It was the word of GOD, channeled through the board, that was supposedly responsible for the acts of carnage that would follow back in 2001, in the wake of a Ouija board session that went very wrong indeed.
It is reported that on the night in question, Carol Sue Elvaker, her daughter Tammy, and Tammy’s two children were playing with the Ouija board, when, upon the return of Tammy’s husband, ‘Brian Roach, Carol, insisting that God had told her via the board that Brian was evil, and needed to die, proceeded to stab him with a large knife in the chest, in an attack that would later prove to be fatal. Additionally, according to police reports, Carol also attempted to inflict harm upon Tammy’s two children, insisting again that the board (guided by God) had instructed her to kill them both - in a story of Ouija fueled oddity and blood-lust, that doesn’t end there.

The Demon 'PAZUZU'.

The Demon 'PAZUZU'.
Following the stabbing of Brian Roach, that would ultimately lead to one count of first degree murder, Carol Sue Elvaker, herded her daughter, and grandchildren into the family car, and sped off along Interstate 44, reportedly towards Tulsa, building speed as she drove. And it was shortly into this journey that Carol reportedly deliberately steered the speeding car into a road sign, in an attempt to kill herself, and her passengers. Luckily, however, reports state that it was only Carol herself who suffered any real injury during the collision, breaking both of her ankles in the crash. Which is where, and when things begin to take on an even more unusual air.
Following the collision, and with two broken ankles in place, Carol Sue Elvaker, according to police reports, tore of all of her clothes, and vaulted over a median highway barrier, and ran off into the woods. An act of some physical ability not expected of a woman of her age, especially with the injury to her ankles. And She was later found cowering under a tree in the woods by police.
If it weren't for the final acts of oddity that reportedly took place in the case of the 'possession' of Carol Sue Elvaker, it would be far easier to write the account off in a multitude of obvious ways - perhaps as the explosive climax to events of domestic abuse, or other problems within the family home. However, police could find no evidence of any domestic issues that may have led to such deadly conclusion, no evidence of alcohol, or drug abuse, no history of mental illness, and friends and relatives told police that Carol, was not known for exhibiting 'unusual or odd behavior' - prior to the night that the voice of God, via the Ouija board, instructed her to kill her entire family.

Why Do Trolls Eat Christians?

While some believe that Troll like to dine on Christian folk due to having acquired a taste for their rich and bountiful flesh, this is not the case.  Troll do not crave Christian meats particularly by flavor - generally preferring a nice plump goat.  But instead, Troll feel animosity towards the Christian, fueled by long standing feuds, and biting off the head of any given Christian, is among the quickest way to dispatch them to the next world.  And not being wasteful creatures by nature, the Troll, having off’ed any encountered Christian, will feast upon the human carcass - if goats are lacking.

It is said that the smell of a Christian so offends the nose of the Troll, that should the slightest whiff pass their nostrils, they immediately spring in blind rage in chase of its source.  But why?

In essence, the Troll, according to Norse mythology, feel that they have been wronged by the Christians, and misplaced by their Gods.  Prior to the rise of Christianity in Norway, Troll were worshiped as deities by the Norse people. And having been misplaced, the Troll, remain resentful...

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Where Did Jesus Die? - The Alternative Japanese Legend

If, as a Christian (or otherwise) you’ve not heard the legend of ‘Jesus in Japan’, you’re no doubt not alone.  It’s something of a little known curiosity, and you certainly won’t have read about it in the Bible.  Because while most Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross, following crucifixion at Calvary (Golgotha), Jerusalem.  The Japanese legend is somewhat different...

The legend goes that Jesus did not die in Calvary, but that instead, one of his brothers took his place upon the cross, and that Jesus escaped across Siberia, to Japan - where he settled, married, became a rice farmer, and ultimately died.  And it is in the town ‘Shingo’, that those who believe in the legend say that the true grave of Jesus Christ can be found.

The town of Shingo, also known to some as ‘Kirisuto no Sato’ (Hometown of Christ) is (apart from the Jesus legend) known for little more than the garlic farms, and apple orchards abundant in the area.  So that while unspectacular in many ways, halfway up a local mountainside, surrounded by bamboo thickets, lies a mound of earth, surrounded by a white picket fence, adorned with a simple wooden cross.  And it is this humble monument that is said to be the true grave of the son of God.  Though with only around 1% of Japan’s population being Christian (with most being Buddhist), this belief in Jesus having died in Japan is not a particularly well known, or supported belief,  even within Japan.

One point of interest though, regarding the legend, is that with Jesus having said to have settled, and married in Shingo.  Jesus’s offspring, and descendants, are still said to live in the area.  Meaning that that nice portly gentleman serving you your apple ice-cream (should be visiting the area) might just have a touch of the divine about him - being the son, of the son, of a son, of the son of God.