Why Do Trolls Eat Christians?

While some believe that Troll like to dine on Christian folk due to having acquired a taste for their rich and bountiful flesh, this is not the case.  Troll do not crave Christian meats particularly by flavor - generally preferring a nice plump goat.  But instead, Troll feel animosity towards the Christian, fueled by long standing feuds, and biting off the head of any given Christian, is among the quickest way to dispatch them to the next world.  And not being wasteful creatures by nature, the Troll, having off’ed any encountered Christian, will feast upon the human carcass - if goats are lacking.

It is said that the smell of a Christian so offends the nose of the Troll, that should the slightest whiff pass their nostrils, they immediately spring in blind rage in chase of its source.  But why?

In essence, the Troll, according to Norse mythology, feel that they have been wronged by the Christians, and misplaced by their Gods.  Prior to the rise of Christianity in Norway, Troll were worshiped as deities by the Norse people. And having been misplaced, the Troll, remain resentful...

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