Are Angel Boards Dangerous? – Discussed

The answer to the question, ‘Are Angel boards dangerous?’, in any context other than for their ability to potentially inflict a nasty paper-cut, is a surprisingly complex one – more so in many ways, than the answer to the question, ‘are Ouija boards dangerous?’
Angel boards are (in this Angelic form) a far more recent invention than the traditional Ouija board, or witch board. And with the imagery that adorns Angel boards being far more palatable to those who might otherwise shy away from the darker magicks of the traditional Ouija board, the Angel aboard not only appeals to a different ‘market’, it also promises a very different experience from the Ouija, a promise, that many believe it may not be able to deliver upon.
Talking with Angels sounds very nice, and as with Angel Tarot and the like, holds a certain appeal, and for many is certainly a more attractive idea than the thought of conversing with Demon, and other unholy entities often associated with Ouija board use. However, there are numerous texts within the bible, such as ‘Leviticus 19:26b NIV’, that instructs against practicing ‘divination or sorcery’. Galatians 5:19-21, lists witchcraft as being a ‘sin of the flesh’. And the book of Deuteronomy, explains that people should not attempt to find answers to the questions that only God should know, stating that those who seek such knowledge by the use of the supernatural, are ‘detestable to God’.
All of which, pretty much throws a spanner in the works with regards to Angel boards being a more religiously acceptable version of the Ouija board.  Due to the fact that if God has forbidden the use of divination (using an Angel board counts as divination), you’re not likely to find any of Gods most dedicated servants hooking up on it for a chit-chat. Which leads us to the other possibility…
Having established that despite the imagery that adorns the box that your Angel board arrived in, it’s unlikely that’ll you’ll be receiving any messages from Heavenly Angels any time soon, there is another possibility, and one that is very much in keeping with the general ideology of the traditional Ouija board itself. It is a general belief among seasoned Ouija board users that the ‘entities’ contacted via the board, are often not those who they claim to be, and that the messages that you’re receiving from your ‘Great Aunt Edna’, may well more likely be from nefarious beings, engaged in trickery. So, if it isn’t Heavenly Angels that you’re able to make contact with via the Angel board, there is another kind… ‘Fallen Angels’ – otherwise known as Demon, up to, and including Satan himself.  Engaged in the ultimate message board trickery, using the promise of a choir of heavenly Angels, to draw those who would otherwise go nowhere near a traditional Ouija board, into sin (rendering them ‘detestable to God’).
Of course, all of this hangs on your own personal religious, or spiritual beliefs.  If you believe the Ouija board in its traditional form to be nothing more than a novelty, game, or parlor trickery, then the very same will hold true of the Angel board.  However, should you count yourself among the many who believe Ouija boards to be something more, and to be something dangerous, whether based upon personal experience, or otherwise, presuming the Angel board to be a less dangerous option to the traditional Ouija, could well prove to be a risky assumption – for those who would not wish to make contact with, and/or to be influenced by, the malevolent unclean spirits of the pits of Hell.

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