Do Ouija Boards Really Work? – Discussed

The question, ‘…do Ouija boards really work?’ is one asked often online.  And it has to be said, that it’s a very difficult question to answer, or more to the point, it’s a very difficult thing to prove.
It won’t take you long to find  heated debates online between skeptics  and believers.  With each fervently, and passionately fighting their corner.  However, despite the massive number of experiences put forward by otherwise seemingly sane people claiming to have spoken to Demon, or the dead, via the Ouija board, no hard evidence has ever been presented.  Skeptics can prove that the Ouija board doesn’t work for them.  But believers have the horror-movie mechanism get-out-clause, that goes something along the lines of ‘the spirits know that you’re trying to record their antics, and won’t perform when being filmed, etc.’.
Based on the lack of evidence it would be easy to conclude that the Ouija board does not work.  Has never worked.  And will never work.  Yet the main problem (for me at least), is the credibility of many of the tellers of these ‘stories’.  Medical professionals, university lecturers, close family members…  Any of these could be the one to, with nervous tears in eyes, recount their tale of horror, of the time they dared to dabble with the Devil’s oracle.  Making the Ouija board either a social MEME of some kind able to infect even the highest echelons of human society.  Or instead, something very, very real…
I could tell you that the Ouija board DOES work.  But would you believe me?  If I couldn’t back that statement up with proof…  And if I could show you proof, would you accept it, or merely shrug it off as photo’shopping, or parlor trickery?
For most, and rightly so, (and we don’t necessarily recommend it), there will only ever be one way to answer the question: ‘Do Ouija Boards Really Work?’, for sure.  And that is, of course, to try it for yourself, and witness what may, or may not happen, with your own two eyes…

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